Wish List

**Wish List is for Indian River County ONLY**

The “Little Women” of IRC

The “Little Women” of IRC is a family of 5 (Mother and 4 daughters). The mother is employed and in fact spends her days helping those in need. Recently, she found herself facing the same hard times as those she sees everyday and had to come to the realization that she will need to accept a little help for her own family. They originally came to our attention because they needed to find a new place to call home. Their current living arrangements are at best an unpleasant environment for mom and children but for the time being, they will stay put awaiting a vacancy to a home that will accommodate their specific needs (location and cost). When that time arrives, they will need many helping hands as well as a trailer.We will let you know then, how you can help.

In the meantime there has are a few more needs the “Little Women” could use to help lighten the load. The children are quickly growing and in need of clothes and shoes. The cost of food, basic household items as well as personal hygiene items are all cutting into this single mothers financial ability to make ends meet. They are a happy family who are not letting these hard times get them down but they could still use some Love, Hope and Compassion. When there are 5 mouths to feed and only one small income, it’s a daily challenge. When thinking about what you can do to help, consider gift cards in any increment or let the list below guide you. We will be highlighting this family until May 6th.

~ Food (dry, canned, frozen)
…or consider a GIFT CARD for perishable items such as produce, meat, dairy & bread.

~ Shoes (girls sizes 12.5, 13.5 &1)

~ Shoes (women’s size 9)
…or consider a GIFT CARD to a local shoe store.

~ Girls clothes (sizes 5,7,8,9)

~ Juniors (size 7, M)

~ Womens (size 12, L)

~ Household Supplies (toilet paper, detergent, bleach, etc.)

~ Personal Hygiene Supplies (feminine hygiene items, body wash, razors, children’s soap, etc.)
…or once again consider GIFT CARDS.

…of course you can help by providing your helping hands when the time comes for the family to move

Baby Aliyah’s Funeral

Mitochondrial Cardiomyopathy is a disease that affects the heart. In this case it is a disease that affected the hearts of an entire family. At only 9 months old, Aliyah Laniyah Lynch passed away after an 8 month battle with her disease. She had spent most of her little life in and out of hospitals all over Florida such as St. Mary’s, Miami Children’s Hospital & ArnoldPalmer. For a young couple with two additional children and very little income, the financial strain of all the travel and missed work did not make things easier for this family. Now that baby Aliyah has passed, the financial burden has become more than any family should have to endure. The issue at hand here is simply money for the burial of this sweet child. Her parents just don’t have it. So baby Aliyah is resting at Hortense-Mills Funeral Inc. in Vero Beach until the family can raise the money. She has already been embalmed so that her family has time to come up with the money. The Williams-Lynch family needs $2700.00 to place Aliyah to rest and gain closure. This amount includes the cost of the cemetery plot, the casket, the service and the pine box for the grave site, however, it does not cover a headstone. Please help this family give there precious angel the funeral she deserves.

Donations can be made to:

Hortense-Mills Funeral Home
4301 N. US 1
Vero Beach, FL 32967

Please be sure to reference the Williams/Lynch family on all donations.